Wednesday, December 30, 2020

An addition to the resolutions list...

     New year is around the corner...As usual most of us will be planning our list of resolutions to accomplish in the coming year. Great..that should be done too.. but wait... If we go back to the same day last year, little did we know what was in store for us or to the world? We were happily creating out own lists and celebrating with friends and families..

           Some of us had plans for our fitness goals, some wanted to go on an international holiday, some wanted to to achieve new heights in their career and some wanted to get married and have a beautiful family. All our plans went topsy turvy..little did we know that we would be only hoping to be safe and healthy and see all our family and friends safe.

         Don't you think this pandemic has taught us some lessons? It has made us realise how much we need to appreciate what we have. We need to value our relationships, our health and all that what we already had but somewhere forgotten to be thankful for.

        Have your ever thought that 100 years down the line, none of us would be existing on this earth, be it the people older than you or the younger ones. All of us will be on the other side of life. If your hard or good feelings won't even last for so long, then what's the use of it. Instead let us appreciate that we have people around us with whom we can atleast share our emotions.. This will create a better human being in us and also this place a better one which we will some day have to vacate...

         So..plan your next resolution in such a way that makes you a joyful and positive person and the people around you be happy to have you around them..

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Learn local language...

  As June 1st is fast approaching, I see so many parents anxious about their kids schools. Some parents want online classes because they say kids are already spending more time on mobile and computer why can't they spend the same time on classes. Other parents who have successfully managed to keep the kids away from gadgets, don't want any classes online. I agree to this. 
         Government is also ensuring not to burden children, parents or schools in this regard. They keep sending notices and sharing messages on social media. Especially in Karnataka, I really appreciate the Government efforts in managing the education system well. They have been trying their best to avoid unnecessary tensions. They have been doing this efficiently since mid March when one case made the entire state to close preprimary and primary schools.
           The most pitiest part that I see during all these days and which made me to pen down my views is that parents don't understand the notice given by Government as it's in Kannada. These many days it was very easy to manage everything in Karnataka without Kannada as we didn't have any direct relations with Govt news or there notices. Now I see everyone requesting others to translate it to English. Some go to the extent of blaming the Govt that they are not printing the notice in English.
            Have we tried ourself to learn the local language by any means. We had ample time during this lockdown period. Many are already staying in Karnataka for more than 5 years atleast.
              If not for speaking atleast learn the language to an extent that you can understand it. It will only make you more prepared during these untoward situations. Take help from your kids. They can teach you better. There are many apps available too.
              Utilise your time positively and don't worry about your kids education. Kids learn easily and can adapt to these changes easily. I am saying this with my experience as a teacher.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

A tiny step towards a Big Change

       This is a season of religious gatherings and village festivals fondly known as Karaga, Sidi, Jaatre etc etc.. People gather in large numbers to celebrate the festival of the local deities. We too have Karaga happening in our area and I see so many shops being put up infront of my house with various products on sale. 
      The kids get attracted to some fancy and colourful toys which even the parents are eager to buy them as they don't cost much like the regular toys shops. That's because these toys that are sold are 'Made in China'. These products are imported to our country in bulk quantities and sold by these roadside vendors. They don't even cost much so people buy them easily.
       If we go a step further and analyse what we are buying for our kids is a very dangerous product. The toys are made of cheap plastic, the paints used on them come off easily just with sweat (if the kid holds in their hand for some time) and are very toxic. The batteries used in these are mostly of very cheap quality and is easily ingestable by the kids and above all these toys break easily so we dispose them off very quickly.  A large amount of plastic gets generated for which the recycling cost is more than product cost.
  Wait!! Before you start blaming the Government as to why it's not banning the Chinese products, all the countries under WTO have signed a treaty for open trade. So that cant be done.
        Everything said and done there is a simple solution to this problem, STOP BUYING THEM.. If you find a lady with a small child trying to sell these and you start feeling pity for her status, then give her some money or a pack of biscuits for her kid, but dont buy anything in return. 
    This is a simple logic of Demand and Supply.If there is no demand, then there won't be any supply. Rather buy your kids some nice glass bangles or a piggy bank made of mud. They are purely Made in India and keep our traditions alive.. Think about it..